Who We Are

RennSearch, provided by Webclectics

RennSearch is a new paradigm for US-based small businesses designed to provide an easy, central point for visitors to search out our members. Our members include specialty vendors, entertainer/performers, service providers, guilds and events. Our event listings include all events Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic and more. Each member is provided with a profile page , including bios, photos, links to their own sites, and other content. Our most powerful feature is that we link our members to the events they attend, and the events to the members, so people know where to find them, online and at events. We also work with our members by leveraging specific techniques to improve search engine rankings for their own pages.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • To become a member, we require that at last 75% or more of a vendors core product line be manufactured or substantially finished by the artisan or their US-based partners or employees. We will not allow products wholly-made in a foreign cheap-labor market to be shown on RennSearch profiles.
  • Each member of the Group will conduct all business with the greatest care for ethics and legality.
  • Each member will treat other members with the highest courtesy, fairness, and respect. All conflicts will be worked out by each member, should a conflict arise that needs arbitration, RennSearch will in its sole discretion resolve the issues.
  • Competition is a good thing and it is expected that members of the group may compete with each other from time to time and with different products. This is NOT a license to steal ideas from other members of the group and present them as your own.

How are we different from sites like Etsy and Ebay?

We are making this group available because we’ve found a need to separate the wheat from the chaff. Other platforms have modified their policies in order to cash in and make more money from their artisans. On our directory, members don’t sell products or services, they sell themselves. They provide us with the words, photos, and links which best exemplify their business, and we build the profile and updates are always free for your profile with no hidden costs. Forcing members to pay for advertising and not allowing them the choice to opt-out, allowing ‘handmade’ products made in a cheap-labor factory, these are things that we hate. If members succeed, we succeed right along with you.

A word about advertising

We are different from other sites. First and foremost, we pledge to never offer ‘promoted search listings’, where one member is placed above another member in search features. We want to insure a level playing field for all of our members. We do reserve the right to introduce paid advertising in the future, but not at the cost of search rankings on the Marketplace.

Who we are not

This is NOT a swap meet platform, and not all vendors, performers/entertainers or service-providers who apply may be accepted. Our vendors are expected to handle quality merchandise and stand behind their merchandise 100%. We ARE an exclusive group, and members who do not live up to our Core Values and Guiding Principles can be removed from the group. As a private entity and at it’s sole discretion, RennSearch does reserve the right to suspend, reject, or remove members which sell goods which might be construed as hateful or harmful, or against generally-recognized community standards.

Anti-Discrimination policies

Webclectics will not discriminate according to race, ethnicity, sex, age, sexual orientation and gender identity. As a private entity and at it’s sole judgement, Webclectics does reserve the right to reject members which sell goods which might be construed as hateful or harmful, or against generally-recognized community standards.