Faery Masquerade Ball Weekend - Biloxi

Are you looking for a unique date night or girls night out?

Do you love faery fantasy costumes or dressing up?

Join us to make memories and support a good cause in Biloxi, MS!

Annual event: Fourth Saturday in September near the Autumn Equinox.

For more details and tickets: https://faery-ball.com/

The Faery Court Masquerade Ball is an immersive event based on Venetian tradition, fantasy stories, Celtic faery and goblin lore, and stories of fantasy and wonder. Between the sea and the land, under the ancient live oak trees, between the worlds, the veil is open for one night.  All realms across time are invited to the Autumn Queen’s Faery Court Masquerade Ball.  On neutral ground, the courts of chaos and light meet, nobles and humans dance among the Fey while goblins watch with hungry eyes in the wings of the court.

Adults 18+. Costume or Formal Attire required.  Costume Contest. DJ Dancing in the Ballroom. Entertainment.

Don’t let your doubts of what to wear to keep you from a fun faery fantasy evening.  If this sounds like fun, check out our website and Facebook page for attire ideas, suggestions, and how to put together easy costumes.

Cosplay Hostess: The Autumn Faery Queen & her court of advisers.

The Faery Court Masquerade Ball events are presented by Elemental Design and Suzanne Stafford. Suzanne has over 30 years of experience in cosplay, design, and event planning. She specializes in large event planning and execution. Her dream is to make the world a better place by bringing magic and joy into the world through special events filled with beauty and creating lifelong memories. This immersive event was created to offer those who love fantasy costumes a place to wear their creations while enjoying a magical evening in south Mississippi supporting the arts and our selected non-profit. This is an opportunity to create your over the top, dream garb and mingle with like-minded friends. Faery Faerie Fae Fairy Fairie

For more details and tickets: https://faery-ball.com/