Appalachian Renaissance Faire, Piney Flats TN

We are a group celebrating the Renaissance and history in the Tri-Cities, TN and Appalachian area coming together to create, produce and contribute to the surrounding area for the purpose of interactive art, entertainment, theater, arts and crafts, and music with a historical and fantasy venue. It is also our purpose to utilize Appalachian and Old World cultures, history, literature and music with which to provide venues for recognizing and celebrating the rich legacy of the Celtic Appalachian Mountains ancestry.

The purpose of the organization is to educate people on the culture, historical connections, and contributions the Celts and their traditions had on Appalachia; to promote appreciation of the literature and music of the Appalachian Mountains and learning from the culture, customs, traditions, and history of its rich Celtic legacy; and to provide venues for recognizing and celebrating through participation and education with the Appalachian Renaissance Faire.

ARF’s biggest event is the Renaissance Faire Season in the fall. This is the primary event for ARF, which has its roots in history, but includes aspects of medieval and renaissance fantasy. This wider scope of allowing fantasy elements is to nurture creativity and imagination in those who attend, and to encourage wonder and fascination with the magic inherent in stories.

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