Ancient Mysteries Divination – Tarot, Palmistry, Rune Readings, Lipsology – Lip Print Reading, Dream Interpretation

Ancient Mysteries Divination (For Your Inner Revelation) – We are a group of fantastic fortune telling folk who read palms, tarot cards, runes, lip prints (yep), astrological charts, graphology and interpret dreams. Ariana (who founded Ancient Mysteries) has been with the Maryland Renaissance Festival for 39 years as of 2020. We also read at parties and corporate events and help our clients find their way to a happier and more fulfilled future! We are doing phone readings and interactive virtual events as well as video chats. Every one of us has been reading for well over 25 years. Your readers are Ariana Lightningstorm – tarot, palmistry, Lipsology (lip print interpretation), and graphology (handwriting analysis). Lipsology is the art and science of reading lip prints and tells you personality traits, energy levels, emotions and more based on your print. She is one of 9 Certified Lipsologists worldwide. Thea – tarot card reader and dream interpreter. Artemesia – Tarot cards, runes, and palmistry. Randy Goldberg – Tarot cards, palmistry, and astrology. Siff – Rune reader.
You can find us:

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