CA – Tuath Ui Niall

Welcome One & All! We are Tuath Ui Niall

A 16th century Irish historical reenactment group based in Fresno, CA. We primarily portray the Taoiseach Ui Niall (Irish Chieftain O’Neill), or the Earl of Tyrone, with his immediate household of family & fosters. The Ulster-Tyrone Irish are recognized by banner & badge marked with the Red Hand.

This household is protected by the fierce Red Hand Scots-Irish Galloglaigh sword fighters, Kerne foot soldiers, as well as other allianced military retainers at Renaissance fairs.

In general, our reputation is renowned for warm hospitality, as well as for cunning! For you see, our lives are full of the frivolity & fierceness of our daily encounters with Fey & Foe alike.

The Ui Niall Household is not merely made up of brutes & savages, as the English may speculate, for our Chieftain engages in both English & Irish ways. This includes taking an Anglo-Irish bride as part of his political roles between lands.

The Ladies of the Red Hand UiNiall household delight in the fine arts; a sharpened needle to an embroidery, a tongue to sharp wit, as well as a dagger to rib – if a point is necessary to the conversation!

Our ‘wild irish’ children, often laughing & frolicking freely, (a ghastly sight by courtly requirement), is not an uncommon site throughout the villages we traverse during festival seasons.

(Forward through time to the Golden Age, we are a crew of various seafaring Irish that sail under the Red Hand at Pirate Festivals. )

Please, feel free to ask questions & come join us as we leave the mundane daily chores of modern life to once again become Heroes of History.

Willing to travel locally for a good show

You can find us:

Facebook at The Tuath