CC Chainmaille – Modern Medieval Designs for daily wear, reflecting YOU

CC is a manipulator of metal with a penchant for color, sparkle, and exploring new techniques! She enjoys sharing the art of chainmail with her students, and those disinclined to create, but who still admire the art. You can find ANYTHING chainmail related with CC – renfaire custom wear, belly dance costume, statement jewelry, dice bags, gifts, and daily wear jewelry created one ring at a time in anodized aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium (which has been etched and anodized by CC herself).

Designs and patterns range from the usual, well loved favorites (byzantines, persians, and european weaves) to more modern and intricate (moorish rose, hoodoo hex, vipera berus, etc.) patterns that occasionally even show up in inlay form.

CC is also a participant in the Chainmail Quilt Project. Her patch is a 8×8 square of the northern lights in a moorish rose design.

You can find us:

on the web at CC Chainmaille

Facebook at CC Chainmaille