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Hello! My name is Kristi,
I’m a well know reenactor who has done festivals in many genres and historical events for many years.
I started costuming at a young age. I worked with Phyllis Patterson and learned from many of the faire great actors and professional vendors in my faire career.
I have 3 degrees in theatre and performing arts.

I always made my own costume. So, I started making items, for other actors, so they could have historical original garb, not cookie cutter festival clothes.

I have been a featured character at SOCal ren faire, since starting in 1597, in Guild of St.Michaels, under Kevin Browne, I was the first girl sword fighter on the circuit allowed to perform on main stage with Kriegshunde Fahnlein, German reenactors, and currently (last 10?) Guild of St. Electus, where I’m the marketing and costume person.

See my Page Guild of St. Electus Shire of lost angels.
I make many of the props and costume you see in a daily performance day.
I am grateful for learning the management of a festival by Tom and Patty Wilson and many others ,vendors and actors who are tireless cheerleaders for the only permanent site in so cal.
While there, I had honor of being the “Dairy Queen” ,a major Theme Charchter.
I was later hired to be the marketing manager,sales and founded 3 of the guilds that run currently on the property.
I did work at Erie Canal village,in upstate NY,
“Victorian Leisure faire, ” where we ran a 6 week event on Victorian life. I was featured as Queen Victoria.
I worked Sterling Renaissance festival as a consultant and front gate greeter.
The Riverside Dickens festival ,hired my actors to portray literary characters from the world of Charles Dickens, the Amazing Crummles, who in the years we participated staged 8 Dickens tales, including
“A Christmas Carol”!

I recently, started promotion and marketing of kids shows and Haunts, Scare LA, where I was a featured speaker on comedy scare acting and how to run a haunt!

I am interested in promotion of Education in the festival setting.
My booth features kids crafts,games and interaction.
I one hundred percent make EVERYTHING ,I sell! Custom costumes, pouches,garlands,fairy doors and jewelry!
Please support me as a Original faire charchter and a local artist.
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Let me make your dreams come true.
IDBM ,resume and references available.
Special FX makeup
Costume specialist event planning and promotion.

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