D&U Leather Mugs – Good For Another 30 Years!

In business since 1982 to provide hand crafted leather mugs for several renaissance festivals nation wide! These mugs are traditionally built in the style of the Roving Jack Tars. These mugs are each dipped in paraffin wax to seal both the inside & outside. Cold beverages only!

Our product line comes in four different sizes – nip (4 oz), mug (16 oz), flagon (20 oz), and glog (32 oz). We offer plain mugs for the hard core reenactor/ SCA events. Standard designs are applied using screen print methods. High end designs are laser engraved & hand painted – no two are alike! We offer accessories for all of our mugs in the form of lids, leashes, cup corsets, etc. Custom work is available upon request!

Lifetime warranty on all of our work, against normal wear & tear. Rewaxes are complementary for the life of the mug. We’re always happy to work with customers if their mug is in need of assistance, beyond the usual wear & tear. We’ve seen mugs run over by trucks & have been fully repairable!


We are willing to travel nationally for a good show.

You can find us:

on the web at D&U Leather Mugs

Facebook at Ye Dragon & Unicorn