Fairy Princess Lolly – Specializing in Fae Hollow set-up for all-ages entertainment

Fairy Princess Lolly: Professional Fairy performer for Fantasy and Renaissance Festivals and Faires.  Specializing in Fae Hollow set-up for children’s (and Big Kid) entertainment, High Tea, Fairy Winging Ceremonies, Photo Ops, Music, Fairytale Time and Games. Extended fairy court available.  Entire Hollow and/or Street performance available.

Fairy Princess Lolly attended Tír Eolas Fairy Academy studying Glamour Arts, Fae lore and history. After Academy, she went on to more focused study of rituals & enchantments for several years with the Mahlorian Green Craft, then advanced to the The Sidhe Grove to study with Joanna Rowan Mullane, specializing in spellcraft and guided meditation. She has also achieved diplomas in Hedgewitchery, and Fairies & Fairy Magic with marks of distinction, and is a contributing member of the Fairy Investigation Society (FIS).

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