Fishbone Spineshiver – Goblin character, obsessive shoelace un-tyer, interactive performer

I’m a goofball with a theatre background, improv history, theme park and costume character experience, and 10 years of experience working with children. I’ve always loved the close tie that fantasy and myth share with actual history and decided to incorporate this character into the Renaissance Faire.

I fell in love with the Faire the first time I went on a gradeschool trip to explore the grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. I grew up an hour from those fairegrounds, slowly growing a costume collection and cadre of friends to drag along with me.

Since the origin of Fishbone the Goblin, he has attended the PA Ren Faire,the Vermont Ren Festival, the Michigan Ren Faire, the Washington Midsummer festival, and been a part of “adventure walks” which are fantasy themed outdoor adventures for children in his homeland of Montana.

Twice, Fishbone has been to a Faire as a patron, and left with a weekend contract as a lane performer. He’s a 3rd wall breaker, sarcastic scaredy-cat, and firm believer that every guest at the faire deserves to leave with stories to share and memories to keep.

You can find us:

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