Healing Fairies – Fairy whimsical artisan

Julie Pencall aka. ‘The Fairy Lady’ is a lifelong whimsical artist of fantasy, spirits, fairies and fun. 

Her work is 100% handmade. The figures and pendants are made of Polymer Clay and the fairy houses are made out of branches of mainly Creosote bush from the desert and other varieties mixed in as well. Adorned with beads and bobbles, fashion as only a woodland spirit would. Julie always keeps a fairy view when building her creations.

Hello, I am Julie Pencall. My business is called “Healing Fairies” I am a whimsical artisan. I make Healing Fairies, whimsical creatures, fairy houses and furniture. All 100% hand made. Everyone needs hope and their dreams, hopes and desires to be heard and granted. The Healing Fairies are reminders to put your desires out to the universe. It is up to you to do the work. Vocally put it out there or journal it. Your universe needs to hear you. It wants to give you everything you want. “Gaze upon these fairies just for you, Your heart will sing and your dreams will come true!”

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