La Gazza Pazza – Fyne Handmade Apparel from the New World

We are designers and purveyors of quality historical and theatrical clothing…a small cottage industry making its home in the beautiful Upper Midwest. Our area of specialization encompasses the Viking Age through the era of Elizabeth I, although we enjoy creating apparel for 18th century and Victorian reenactment, fantasy designs, and just about anything else you can imagine.

In addition to our basic, reasonably priced line of shirts, skirts, bodices, trews, chemises, cloaks and other simple garments, we offer unique creations for ladies and gentlemen.  Most of our higher end ensembles are one-off designs that you won’t find on Amazon.  Please contact us for currently available fabrics and trims, or we can create that special item just for you!

We are committed to creating clothing that will make our patrons look and feel fabulous! These are not “costumes,” but real garments for real people that will withstand close scrutiny and everyday wear. Each garment and accessory is individually crafted, with meticulous attention to detail and durability.

You can find us:

on the web at La Gazza Pazza

Facebook at La Gazza Pazza