Lady Maillerie’s Chainmaille Designs – Chainmaille Creations for All to Enjoy!

Over 10 years ago I started my venture, I want to help people. I realized its super hard to get started doing any business. Some things happened, I took a turn for worse after my mom died, that was 7 years ago. Now, I take things in stride, I am on husband #2 (my forever husband) and a total of 4 kids, I have found my way back to the joy of chainmailling and crafting.

I love it, its relaxing to count and separate rings, it’s a sense of accomplishment when projects are finished and my kids really like seeing me make stuff. I like making people happy. Sometimes if I am doing 719 Wine Fairy group stuff or even just selling stuff on FB Marketplace, I will include something I’ve made and it is always well received.

With Covid-19 quarantines and civil rights demonstrations and protests, the world is an even scarier place right now. Why not support small online business owners and maybe as business owners (and humans in general) give back to our customers unconditionally, even if it’s a personalized thank you or a discount for next time. If we appreciate each other for the little things, we might be able to respect others humans the same too regardless of race, religion or preference. Who knows, maybe it will catch on….

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