Oddest Goddess – Mixed Media Sculptures

*Stories & Snippets of Myths
seep and soak into my art.
Traveling from collective memories
to the art I create.*

Barbara Koppang of Oddest Goddess creates one of a kind sculptures that exude a sense of antiquity and has an ancient talisman feel.
With sticks and stones, fabric and beads, and an assortment of found and thrown away objects, she combines all creatively with sculpted air dry clay and accented by skillfully applied paint.
Carrying the genetic code of my Mom, I have received the artist gift that travelled through the many artist generations of her family to me.
The journey of my life and theirs has informed the art I create.
Sculptures both large and small (beads). I love commissions.

Willing to travel Nationally for a good show

You can find us:

Facebook at Oddest Goddess Figurative Sculpture

Instagram at Oddest Goddess Art