Realm and Reason – Crystal jewelry inspired by fantasy & ancient lore

Realm and Reason jewelry pieces have continued to adorn their wearers with modern magic since 2017. Drawing inspiration from designer Emily’s past experiences as an archaeologist, our jewelry incorporates symbolism from the worlds of ancient history, fantasy, mythology, and science to create wearable art which is alive with meaning and represents the inner magic of the wearer. Realm and Reason compliments your bold and somewhat unconventional approach to life by exploring the ancient lore of our previous worlds to remind you of the thrill of the unknown and encourage you to become your true self.

Jewelry is crafted from many crystals, always hand picked for beauty and quality. The technique is called Electroforming. I first create a jewelry piece by connecting parts (crystals, stones, metal parts, etc) with a permanent, two part hard clay. After the clay is hardened (24 hrs), I use a removable, latex-based coating to cover and protect all stones/crystals. After the coating has cured, I use a special handmade paint which is electrically conductive to paint all areas on the piece where I desire copper to grow. Once these steps are completed, the jewelry piece will be dangled into an acid solution – this solution also contains a piece of pure copper. An electrical rectifier is used to clamp onto the jewelry piece and onto the copper source to transfer particles onto the piece – the copper will grow on the painted areas of the piece!

Every month there is a themed collection that relates to mythology or fantasy. Themed collections are usually about 50-60 one-of-a-kind pieces which get added to the website at an announced date and time, and previewed on Instagram and through the email-list ahead of time.

You can find us:

on the web at Realm and Reason