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Welcome to Root 2 Route Botanicals! My name is Emily Sebring, CH.

As a clinical herbalist, I spent years studying, learning and growing in Herbalism, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine so as to place myself in a position to understand and address a variety of common ailments. It was during my own healing journey that I was drawn to autoimmune diseases as well.

My journey from Private Practice to the traveling Tea Lady has been an amazing adventure! I founded Root 2 Route Botanicals with a simple idea in mind: bring natural health & herbal medicine to the community in a way that is easy to understand, effective in its application, and fun for all!

It was with this vision that I began creating Organic Loose-Leaf Tea blends and Herbal Products for both fun and function using the finest organic and ethically sourced ingredients available. All of my creations, from herbal teas and salves to powders and potions, are written, formulated and handcrafted in Casa Grande, Arizona then peddled throughout the southwest region and beyond.

The world of herbs, tea, botanicals and mysteries is an amazing place and sharing that love is one of my greatest joys! Should our paths cross in this life be sure to raise your (tea) cup, shout a Huzzah and know you are always welcome!

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Loving you all,
Emily from R2R Botanicals