The Bead Muse – Creations as unique as you

I’ve been an artist since I was a kid. I enjoyed the process of creating art in all forms, and have dabbled in painting, graphite drawing, working with clay and mixed media. I want to learn more. I put all of my free time to good use, researching and learning as much as I can about making all sorts of art.

As a result of pursuing my particular passion, I have spent over 9 years studying semi-precious stones, jewelry components, metal types, and new methods of creating. All of this has been done to perfect my skills and increase my knowledge.

My focus is on making the beautiful things I saw in my head, while simultaneously making jewelry pieces that can also stand up to my kids and pets. This is why I tend to shy away from beaded necklaces unless it is specifically required for a design or requested by a customer.

My goal with my art has always been to work with stones and create the highest quality artisan jewelry and art that I can. I have been passionate about art since I was a child, as well as wildlife and nature conservation. Some of my art is inspired by creatures around us, nature, and the beauty of natural stones. I don’t let inspiration go to waste. If I see something that inspires ideas, I do my best to run with it!

Custom orders are often some of my more intriguing pieces, as I am given a glimpse into what the client’s tastes are. This provides me with a wonderful challenge. Often I find myself able to provide a unique piece that suits the client perfectly!

I truly believe art is a vital and important part of my life. Each piece of jewelry I create truly carries a piece of my heart with it, and I hope that it is reflected in my designs and creations.

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