The Celtic Caterer & Chef Eric McBride – Historical Chef/ Author / Spice vendor

The Celtic Caterer, called the “The Godfather of Celtic Cuisine”, Award Winning Chef Eric W. McBride, is on a personal crusade to bring Celtic Cuisine into the dinning tables of the 21st Century. Classically educated in Celtic History from the University of Edinburgh and UNM, and with over 35 years in the Kitchens of a wide variety of Restaurants on 4 Continents. Chef McBride brings the History of Celtic Cuisine to life both in his demonstrations, and within the pages of his 6 Celtic Cookbooks. Each book is a combination of History book as well as the Recipes. He is also the re-creator of over 14 different Celtic Spice blends that truly brings the taste of Celtic Cuisine to the tips of your tongue. Come see what is the “NEW” trend in Culinary Delights.

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