The Surly Herbalist – Herb Infused Soaps, Salves and Oyls

From the earliest of times there was the role of the healer. The herbalist. The “Wise Woman”. She possessed knowledge of healing herbs & botanicals which was handed down from previous generations back. As a healer, the wise woman was usually the first stop for the average person when they were sick or had a health issue to address. Of course in the Medieval and Renaissance era, the wise woman may have been called a witch or a heretic and discouraged from practicing her art as women were not allowed a profession in that time. This of course would make any herbalist surly as hell!

Out of this tradition comes The Surly Herbalist blending age-old herbal knowledge with snarkiness; natural products with eco-friendly vegan solutions.

Founded in 2009 out of a need to soothe a 4-year old’s itchy eczema without upsetting her many allergies, a single product spawned a line of fun and effective skin & hair-care products that work beautifully and smell divine.

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