Amaze your spectators (and get a pat on the back from your fellow festival organizers) with a 30-minute unicorn themed, jester, comedy and circus show! Featuring astonishing fire & sword juggling with belly chuckling comedy mixed throughout. Jaw dropping tricks guaranteed you have never seen on one wheel including fearlessly jumping over a volunteer, double cross-over (feet on opposite pedals) and pedaling with hands…just to name a few. Don’t miss the grand finale; juggling on top of one of the highest unicycles in the world at 12 feet tall whilst juggling a club, sword and torch.

The Unicycling Unicorn is a one-man entertainment powerhouse, always an audience favorite and suitable for all ages. I can also do roving entertainment bringing that extra special surprise to enliven large or small Renaissance Festivals. I can do my show inside or outside, on a stage or on the street. I have my own sound system including power supply so I can virtually work anywhere.

Make your festival a unique and magical time for all attendees with the new roving floating flying unicorns! I know they are going to be popular as they are so funny and unique. People will take photos/videos of them and share on social media which will in turn make your festival bigger and better as more people will want to come and see them live in person. Check them out at

You can find us:

on the web at The Unicycling Unicorn