Thyme Traveller – New and Experienced Clothing for Men, Women and Children plus mountains of Accessories, Jewelry, Feastware, and random Treasures!

Welcome to THYME TRAVELLER! I carry a wide range of NEW AND EXPERIENCED GARB for men, women, and children. You can also find so many other delights here! I have Jewelry, Accessories, Feastware, Re-enactors’ Household Goods, and random TREASURES! I make ‘silk’ flower GARLANDS, no two alike except for custom requests, for Wedding parties and the like. I also make co-ordinating Bouquets. I will do dried flower garlands and bouquets by special order. In my clothing range I generally carry from infant to multi-X sizes, but I rarely have duplicates. The eras range from Roman to 1970’s with a heavy emphasis on Byzantine, Medieval, and Renaissance European, Middle Eastern, Viking, and Romany, American Civil War, and Victorian looks. There’s a little bit of everything and a whole lot of many things! I am happy to pull out options to show you if you have a persona you are building, let’s play dress ups together! Peasant, Pirate, Princess or Prelate – I have some of each! The options range from historical garb to fantasy costumes, just let me know what you seek. In this online market place I also offer: Fabric, Trims, Notions, and Patterns chosen for their historical possibilities and Books on a huge range of historical subjects. I am always looking for things re-enactors and actors will enjoy.

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