Thank you for applying to RennSearch

We have received your application and will be reviewing it soon. You should receive the information below in an email as soon as you submit your application, but feel free to copy or print this information in case there’s a glitch in the email or it gets filtered out of your email system. You can also revisit this page by selecting the ‘additional information’ tab in the top menu.

 In order to continue your application process and profile building, we need some additional input from you. The following are the basic steps of the process.

If you are applying for the basic profile, please submit a single photo that best represents your work so we can include it in your profile.

If you are applying for the full profile, we need 4-5 good pictures that best represent what you do, including an additional one for your logo (6 total).

Take your time finding the best one, because they will represent you. I need them to be at least 800 pixels in at least one dimension at 72 DPI resolution. Larger is fine, I can scale them down. Smaller images don’t scale up as well, so they can become distorted. Please do a reply to the email you should receive, or you can email them to and attach them. You will need to indicate which photo you wish to use as your primary photo, or if you want us to use your logo, if you have one.

Hint: Some members will make collage images and submit those, so that they can stuff more pictures in to a single image. There are free sites on the web that do that for you, google is your friend, we have no particular interest in any of them.

You will receive an email shortly with your account information on RennSearch. Please make a note of it, as we use the email address you entered on the application to communicate with you. You’re welcome to change the password, and if your email address ever changes, please change it directly on the marketplace. We don’t currently use this except for email address, so no other action is necessary, other than maintaining your email address.

  1. Once we receive your image(s), we will build your profile, and reach out to you if we have any questions. Once complete, we will send you the link to the profile for your approval, you will want to reply back with any corrections, or your approval, at which point we will make it live and searchable.
  2. If you have a website, we strongly encourage you to add your profile link to your website (usually people do it in the ‘about’ page, with verbiage like “and you can find more info about us on “RennSearch” (and then add your link). This is a critical piece of Search Engine Optimization, and will help google find you, and find us easier. If you are able, submit a sitemap to google and bing once you’ve made the change.

If you have questions at any time about this process, please feel free to reach out to us at the above email address. We look forward to a long and useful partnership with each of our members. As we grow, you grow, and vice versa.